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We at Glendale Aero Services know how it can be when flying into an airport and not being familiar with the area’s lodging and entertainment opportunities. Therefore, we are constantly on the lookout for local companies who provide excellent products and services at great value, and we cultivate relationships with them to give you the best experience possible during your time in Glendale.

If you are flying in and need a hotel or a rental car, please contact us in advance so we can help arrange it for you. We have negotiated special rates for our customers, so chances are we can even save you some money!

Lodging and Transportation

Again, if you need a hotel room or a rental car, please contact us ahead of time and we can arrange it for you at our special Glendale Aero Services rate. Saving money is a good thing!


Flight Catering Services

We can arrange catering for you and have it delivered in time for your departure or arrival. Just let us know in advance and we’ll have everything ready for you!


Let us help with your next visit.



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