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Glendale Aero Service - John Fisher, Maintenance Director

John Fisher
Maintenance Director

Glendale Aero Services is an Authorized-Service Center for Cessna, Cirrus and Aviat/Husky aircraft, and provides maintenance service for most General Aviation aircraft types. Our maintenance technicians are airplane people as well – pilots and enthusiasts – so you can be sure your airplane will be cared for in the same way we care for our own.

FAA Part 145 certified repair station #4GNR229D – Limited instrument and radio/radar service.

Glendale Aero Services - Authorized Service Centers: Cirrus, Cessna, Husky

Routine Maintenance

  • Aircraft Maintenance Management
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Oil & Filter Changes
  • Brake Service
  • Tires
  • Hydraulics
  • Landing Gear
  • Oxygen & Nitrogen Service
  • Air Conditioning
  • Major/Minor Airframe Repairs & Alterations


  • Full Service
  • All Manufacturers
  • Major/Minor Installations and Upgrades
  • Part 145 Certifications
    • 14 CFR 91.143 – 24 month transponder certifications
    • 14 CFR 91.411 – 24 month static system certifications

Engines & Propellers

  • Cylinders
  • Engine Installations & Upgrades
  • Accessories
  • Electroair Ignition Authorized Installer


We have a full line of aircraft parts available. If we don’t have it, chances are we can get it for you!

Annuals & Inspections

  • Annual Inspections
  • Pre-purchase Evaluation
  • 100-hour Inspections
  • 50-hour Inspections
  • Certified for 6-year Cirrus Airframe Parachute System – Reefing Line Cutter Replacements, and 10-year parachute repacking & ballistic rocket replacement
Glendale Aero Services - Aircraft Maintenance
Glendale Aero Services - Aircraft Maintenance
Glendale Aero Services - Aircraft Parts


We provide maintenance service for most General Aviation aircraft types.



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